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Utapique IC Inbox

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ic inbox for [community profile] utopique

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Utapique Permissions

Canon: Unknown

Canon Point: N/A

Age: ##

Alliance: Unknown

Features: Unknown
Notes: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam et nisl ipsum. Integer laoreet tincidunt sem a porttitor. Nam dictum placerat quam, vitae rutrum odio vestibulum molestie. Sed non mollis purus, non volutpat enim.






Play Violence

Serious Violence














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2016-09-10 11:41 pm


Nagito is a lucky person that tends to cause unlucky situations for other people. If you would like to be caught up in Nagito's good luck bad luck cycle, or would like not to be caught up in it, comment here and just say which. If you do want to be caught up in it, just say how much you would like to have.

For Crosscheck his luck can't cause anything extreme, but you can get mildly hurt if you like.

For Subnautica however his luck can go as far as it can in canon and death is an option if you so choose it to go that far.
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2016-09-09 01:19 am


Nagito Komaeda
RANK » King
CARRIER ID » Komaeda

AGE » Mentally 16/17 Physically 20/21
HEIGHT » 5’11”

WEAPON » Panic Defence Action - An innocuous black leather collar with a metal chain clipped to it as if it were for a pet. Can't be used for physical combat, though perhaps the chain might hurt a bit of whacked at someone. When mana is infused into it a shield around the user will form. The more mana the stronger and wider the shield becomes. It can last up to five minutes and has a recast cool down of 10 minutes. Can only be used when the caster is completely still.

Depending on the shield's maximum range, it will protect anyone who can fit within it, including the caster. The range can go from a small amount of mana to possibly deflect a little wind, keep rain off of a person, to a lot of mana used to deflect magical attacks. As proficiency grows less mana is needed and active time increases. Max mastered time is ten minutes.

Primarily energy based magical attacks can be deflected such as fire, wind, lighting and to a slightly lesser degree pure mana. However, solid objects such as ice projectiles, or stone will cause it to shatter within a hot or two, and magical weapons such as swords will break it instantly. Non-magical weapons will pass through like nothing is there.

WEAPON » Chocolate Rain - A simple wooden staff with a poisonous vine pattern carved into it, it appears to be a cacao tree branch. When pointed at an enemy and infused with mana, it will unleash a splash of poisoned chocolate. You can try eating it, but you'll be poisoned.

Depending on how many enemies there are it will either attack all enemies or a single target. The more mana used the stronger the attack will be, but will also be more difficult to control. At it's lowest an attack can bring down a low level enemy in one or two hits. At it's highest level a moderate level enemy in one hit but it would drain at least half of the mana pool. For multiple enemies it requires more mana for the same level of attacks but splits the damage evenly among enemies. The attack itself originates from a magic circle that will appear over the targets head, dumping poisonous chocolate upon them.

When the staff is used, there is a high chance that one party member may be caught in the chocolate splash and will be poisoned. Nagito himself is exempt from the potential poisoning. The poison effect can be removed with magic or items. Any preventative charms or immunity will also prevent poisoning.

CARRIER » A white fluffy puppy with floppy ears and a friendly happy nature.

CONTACT » [personal profile] kurai_kun, [ profile] kuraikun
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Lgunbiru App


Name: Nica

Over 18? Yes


Name | Alias: Komaeda Nagito

Age: About 17

Canon: Danganronpa

Canon point: Chapter 4, after Final Dead Room but before reading School Profiles.


Personality: When it comes to first impressions Nagito comes across as polite, soft spoken, easy going and a bit self-deprecating (an understatement). A happy go lucky sort of guy who just accepts things as they come and goes with the flow. A person who is more likely to help out others first before thinking about himself. Not that this isn't an accurate impression of him, but it's far from the whole picture. Most of his motivation in helping others comes from seeing himself as worthless and those of Hope Academy being idolized. As the students of Hope's Peak embody Hope itself and Hope is a thing that Nagito loves deeply to the point of obsession. He doesn't see himself as being a part of them since he is only a lucky student. Thus he places himself to the side in order to help them achieve more, to help them achieve Hope. It's not until the killing game starts that we see the other side of Nagito, and if the killing game had never happened we probably never would have. (Though we would have still seen his extreme tendencies and just how much his luck talent has affected him. )

However sometimes (most the time) his method of help isn’t exactly helpful. He will go to extremes and his luck will make sure it is successful, even if he himself is unable to do it. This is shown in his attempt to murder someone where he fails, but someone was murdered anyway, as well as in his school life where he wanted to cancel an exam and due to a series of events it didn’t go as he planned but it does get canceled because of him. Because of this inevitable outcome of getting what he desires one way or another he makes a lot of important choices based on luck alone. Bump into someone and drop all your papers? He’ll pick them up without even checking assuming luck will sort it out as it should be. That isn’t to say he can’t make careful decisions and think about steps to a properly made plan, it just means that if something doesn’t go according to that plan he’ll just go with it without a second thought.

Nagito is incredibly unstable mentally, and can easily go to extremes in the name of his obsession (or just to get the outcome he desires). It is revealed he has stage 3 malignant lymphoma and frontotemporal lobe dementia so a lot of the unstableness is most likely due to that. (Which causes a lot of different behavioral issues including lack of impulse control, loss of social awareness, and the list goes on, which would explain why he's one of the first to be eager to start the killing game.) This explains a lot of his actions which seem a bit at odds with his basic nature. He basically has no method to rationalize has actions and simply acts on the first impulse. And though his intentions are always for something good and positive his methods can vary drastically from that. He is definitely an ends justify the means character. Unfortunately (or fortunately) he is very intelligent and incredibly lucky so the plans he acts on succeed and he can plan rather intricately.

When the killing game starts Nagito is the first to try and kill someone, though he fails at this, his goal is to bring despair so a greater hope can come later. This is his main philosophy and the philosophy that he lives by and has come to accept. The reason he believes this, is to bring reason to his life and give logic to his luck. His luck skill is a major influence on his personality, and is a major cause of his beliefs. If he doesn't believe great despair will bring great hope it means that the despair he has had to face were all meaningless. So he turns to hope to make the misfortunes in his life make more sense. Though his blind faith in hope has made him a little numb to despair and his complete lack of self worth (along with the fact he is terminally ill and has only been given a few years to live) has him offering himself as the next murder victim as well as a food source for cannibalism when the class is locked in a fun house and forced to starve until they murder each other.

Even after his intentions are revealed and he loses all trust his fellow classmates had in him, he still idolizes them. He still sees them as representatives of hope. Though the one he ends up being closest to is Hajime, and Hajime is the one he has the most faith in being amazing, since Hajime's skill is unknown. It isn't until the end of Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 that his attitude towards the other students changes. He becomes rude and condescending to Hajime, as well as half the other remaining students. Souda and Akane especially since he finds their stupidity aggravating. This change in him is due to finding their student profiles and information about their situation. He learned that they were all Remnants of Despair and that Hajime was really a reserve student. Having those who represent Hope fall into despair was unforgivable, and having Hajime who was just a normal student was like a stab in the back. Hajime may have been the harder blow as Nagito felt close to him and similar since they both "admired hope". Hajime also seemed to be one of the smarter students and reasonable, so in this way Nagito lost the person who he could identify with. In fact after Nagito finds out the truth he goes to Hajime first thing to tell of his findings, but the moment Hajime starts repeating himself and Chiaki says they can ignore Nagito he becomes instantly rude, condescending and pushy. As if Nagito had been trying to give Hajime one last chance before writing him off with the rest. He may have been hoping Hajime was the traitor, but the exchange confirmed that he wasn’t. For the rest of chapter 4 Nagito continues to display conflicting emotions and says confusing statements. It’s clear he’s very bothered by the revelations.

In his Free Time events Nagito tells Hajime that he doesn't want to die alone, that he has always wanted someone to love him. Though he passes it off as a joke, it's quite true. Nagito has spent most of his time alone and is used to losing people that he cares about. He lost his family dog to a car when he was in grade school, and then a little while later he lost his parents. He's so used to losing people because of his bad luck to good luck that he pushes people away from him. This is why every time he gets a little closer to Hajime he will say something to distance them again. It's also why he wasn't attending class during his school days and even when he does attend class he is never near any of the other students. In fact, he had such little connection to them that when he is suspended they don’t even miss him. His good luck bad luck cycle is also responsible for his severe lack of self worth, and is what allows him to be so willing to sacrifice himself for a better good.

However the things he says to Hajime are not necessarily him trying to always purposefully be confusing. (Not counting the things he says in trials which are definitely purposefully confusing.) He does try hard to get people to understand what he feels, his ideas of hope and why his methodology is right, though no one can understand it. Which of course they can't because his ideals are extreme and lack in a basic understanding or societal right and wrong. He's used to not being understood though so he generally shrugs it off as it being a given. And in the case of his more idiotic classmates he excuses it as them “not being on the same wavelength” because he's trash and they're talented. This changes after he finds out the truth though. Hajime does attempt to understand him and those efforts are appreciated by Nagito as no one has ever tried to do that before, and that simple action meant he had the possibility of not being alone anymore. Though as said before he does push Hajime away during his free time events.

Sadly returning back to the events of Chapter 4 and 5, the reveal of the truth that they are all remnants of despair shatters everything that was built up for Nagito. Instead of standing to the side wanting to be a stepping stone for their hope he takes matters into his own hands. (Which is always always a bad thing.) He decides they all need to die and only the traitor allowed to live. His love of Hope won't forgive those who fell into despair and spread it, even himself. And his complete trust in his luck enables him to follow a plan where that was a key point.

All before his suicide/murder (Actually almost immediately after he read the information in the profiles and future foundation notebook) he is rude, condescending and rather impatient with everyone. He’s frustrated and in a hurry. He wants the traitor revealed, and he wants them revealed as soon as possible. Of course the rest of the class thinks this is because he suddenly wants to do something to the traitor, but it’s all about making sure he can protect them and kill everyone else. No one else mattered, not even himself. His fellow classmates were beneath him and not even worth looking up to anymore. It’s very possible that these feelings were even growing in him beforehand since he is one of the more intelligent characters in the game. Earlier he was probably using a lot of patience and excusing it by “they have talent”. But once he knew they had fallen into despair their talent didn’t matter. They were just inhuman garbage to him by that point and there was no holding back.

However, even though he felt above everyone else who had fallen into despair, that didn’t mean he thought any better about himself. In his mind the Traitor was the only good person left in their group, and this is why he tried so hard to save the Traitor with an impossible to solve murder. And surely this action would make him not just some stepping stone to hope, but Hope itself born! The Hope that kills despair, even if it includes himself. This is why he requests a statue made and to be praised as the Ultimate Hope.

After his death Nagito leaves one message, and that is a message to the traitor on the password to theoretically get out. He also mentioned regretting giving Hajime as hard a time as he did, which implies that he was probably extra mean to him due to the raw anger he felt from finding out the truth, and potentially, given enough time, might have have not been as angry and calmed down a little.

In the end Nagito is a person of deep extremes, caught between despair and hope desperately reaching towards a bright future while fighting a woeful past that is never quite far enough to forget or move on from. He will do anything to see the future he desires, and his luck generally enables it even when he can’t act on it.

Abilities and Nerfs:
Nagito claims his only skill is being lucky; though that isn’t true it is important to talk about. His luck isn't just normal, it's completely out there. It's so high that almost anything in his favor will happen. Play Russian roulette with 6 bullets? He'll win. However his luck has a huge cost, it comes with incredible bad luck right before. The best example is the events he speaks of in the game. A plane he was on was hijacked, bad luck. The hijacker died to a meteor hitting the plane, good luck. His parents also died bad luck. He inherited a fortune and became independent, good luck. He was kidnapped by a serial killer, bad luck. He found a winning lottery ticket when the killer was arrested, good luck... Generally his luck brings misfortune to those around him as well. Of course this isn't a thing he has control over, this is just a thing that tends to happen to him.

Inventory: His clothes, and school handbook.

Five Desires: Generally Komaeda doesn’t have many desires. But there are a few things he does enjoy having and would enjoy knowing.

1: His school memories.
2: Books, the more diverse and interesting the better.
3: Things with the Hope’s Peak academy's crest on it.
4: Things related to Hope. (Either named as such or inspired such feelings in others.)
5: Information others don’t have. (Information is one of the most important things to him.)

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HMD and Contact

How am I doing? What do I need to work on? Is there anything I should tone down or focus on more? If there's something you wish to tell me, feel free to tell me here. You can also message me if you like.

AIM: Yume no Kakyou
Plurk: [ profile] kuraikun
Discord: kuraikun#2073
Journal: [personal profile] kurai_kun
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Egg Notes

Will clean up later.

Name: Fukurokuju.

Hatched: 10/5

Information given: Hello! This is just a PM to let you know that your egg has hatched into a Reaper Leviathan! This baby Reaper Leviathan is roughly two feet long with mandibles too large for its body at this time. It swims awkwardly and requires the attention of loving parents to grow strong, learn to hunt and hopefully not try to eat anyone. It might bite a lot anyway.

Although naturally aggressive, at this age it still replies on its parents and will look to them for help. Watching it as it is currently, it's no wonder that it could be considered a small miracle that these creatures manage to grow up at all. The hope of this reaper's future is with you.

It's also a boy! We hope you have fun with it!


Size when hatched: 2 feet.

Adult size: 160 feet.

Note: Will stay loyal to friends and family.
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Permission - Eluvio

Comments in the Subject Line
Fourth Wall Breakage
Flirting is okay, the series does it on it's own, but no outright breaking.
Offensive Topics
I don't mind much.
Anything Else?
Nothing else.
Sure, he would be confused though.
Only with proper CR.
Sure, it might go over his head.
He wouldn't physically fight anyone, but he's pretty quick to verbally fight.
Fine with him getting hurt, he usually deserves it.
No please.
Sure, though to be warned there's a lot of troubling things in his mind.
Go for it.
A lot of things depending on the situation.
Anything Else?
Komaeda can have some troubling topics come up, even in casual conversation with him. So if you would like to avoid him no hard feelings.
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(no subject)

Komaeda Nagito

hover for details when you see a star.

ic stats

canon: Danganronpa
canon point: Chapter 4; after clearing the Final Dead room but before profiles.
age: Physically and mentally 18 after about a month on the station. (Outside the program with memories, 21/22)
species: Human
Voice: Ogata Megumi
game: [community profile] lagunbiru


backtagging okay? Yes
threadjacking okay? Yes to canonmates and close CR. Everyone else most the time, ask if in doubt.
HMD: Feel free to give me crit
contact: PM me or [ profile] kuraikun I also have Discord: kuraikun#2073 and AIM: Yume no Kakyou
ooc journal: [personal profile] kurai_kun
musebox: [community profile] eternalturnkey
✓ Anal Sex (Receiving)
✓ Breath Control
✓ Blindfolds
kink with a note ★
✓ kink
◌ Anal Sex (Giving)
◌ kink
◌ kink
◌ kink
kink with a note ★
◌ kink
◌ kink
◌ kink
◌ kink
✗ Bathroom stuff
✗ Vore
✗ Docking
✗ Fisting
kink with a note ★
✗ kink
In general I'm pretty open to most things that would still be IC and aren't in the No category. Feel free to discuss things with me.
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