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03/14 Right after he talks to Nanami [Video - Un: Hinatahaj]

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[He is still exasperated and Komaeda started this. He can wake up too.] Komaeda!

[He looks like a rumpled mess. More than he usually does.] Why did you direct Nanami to me to ask that?
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[He is pretty sure most people don't take so long to wake up. He had been about to express concern when Komaeda side swipes him with his words. Hinata jerks back.] What?! I was just thanking people for hanging out with me! That's not-

I wasn't-

[He scrubs at his face to give himself a moment. It's too late to hide how red his face is so he doesn't bother.] And I got them from the machine but they were obviously meant to go to everyone else!

[But he regrets giving Komaeda a knife. What the bell was he thinking?]
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That's not what it was about! [He glares into the screen.] I'm not worthless!

[He given the wrong- Hinata takes a second to breathe. Again. He should have known better than to message him. But here he is.] I was going to get her one when I can anyway. She's my friend.

[They both are. Even if he doesn't remember one of them. This is a bad topic.] ....but, are you alright? It took you a long time to answer.
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With what money? [He digs for his id to pick it up and glance at the time. The blue light briefly illuminates his bedroom.] I haven't found anything that would work for either of them on Bajikan just yet.

[His memories remind him of what Kamukura had sensed in Komaeda but he sheds away from that. If Komaeda doesn't want to talk about it. He will keep that memory buried and this talk on other things.]

Didn't find any sort of general information on the fleet or the planet either. Just what we were told.

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[Silence reigns. Hinata goes utterly still and quiet. He looks away and his voice is low, as he shrugs.] I'm not good at this either. Mine is usually forgotten.
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It isn't. But that's fine. [He is used to his birthday being forgotten for that reason. The holiday is more important.] I'll make sure you get something this year. On time.
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I'm still going to try. [He sits back, leaning against the wall.] We'll see what happens.
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Anyway, try not to put too many weird ideas in her head. Or try not to do it before we all sleep. [Or he will wake him up again. And they'll have another weird talk.]
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You could have answered it yourself and not had her ask me.
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Why is that? [There's no reason he had to be the one to be asked. Especially with how Komaeda put it. Could have cleared that up himself.]

And don't say because.
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[Of course. He pinches the bridge of his nose.] I'm standing by what I said earlier. Don't give her weird ideas.
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Do I need to repeat what you told her? She thought you meant that giving gifts to people meant I had to be locked up. I had to explain it.

[And feel that pang of irritation he always gets when Komaeda casually traps him in an odd situation.]
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They didn't mean nothing! I wanted to... [He cuts himself off and looks away. This is not the hour he is at his best.]

Forget it. I'm glad you had a good time and liked what I gave you. I'm going back to bed.
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Good night, Komaeda. [He's too drained to even growl about who cost him that sleep.]