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Komaeda Nagito

hover for details when you see a star.

ic stats

canon: Danganronpa
canon point: Chapter 4; after clearing the Final Dead room but before profiles.
age: Physically and mentally 18 after about a month on the station. (Outside the program with memories, 21/22)
species: Human
Voice: Ogata Megumi
game: [community profile] lagunbiru


backtagging okay? Yes
threadjacking okay? Yes to canonmates and close CR. Everyone else most the time, ask if in doubt.
HMD: Feel free to give me crit
contact: PM me or [ profile] kuraikun I also have Discord: kuraikun#2073 and AIM: Yume no Kakyou
ooc journal: [personal profile] kurai_kun
musebox: [community profile] eternalturnkey
✓ Anal Sex (Receiving)
✓ Breath Control
✓ Blindfolds
kink with a note ★
✓ kink
◌ Anal Sex (Giving)
◌ kink
◌ kink
◌ kink
kink with a note ★
◌ kink
◌ kink
◌ kink
◌ kink
✗ Bathroom stuff
✗ Vore
✗ Docking
✗ Fisting
kink with a note ★
✗ kink
In general I'm pretty open to most things that would still be IC and aren't in the No category. Feel free to discuss things with me.
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