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Nagito Komaeda ([personal profile] despairing_hope) wrote2016-09-10 11:41 pm


Nagito is a lucky person that tends to cause unlucky situations for other people. If you would like to be caught up in Nagito's good luck bad luck cycle, or would like not to be caught up in it, comment here and just say which. If you do want to be caught up in it, just say how much you would like to have.

For Crosscheck his luck can't cause anything extreme, but you can get mildly hurt if you like.

For Subnautica however his luck can go as far as it can in canon and death is an option if you so choose it to go that far.
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[personal profile] lightbulbvampire 2016-09-14 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Feel free to hit Kanaya with the full brunt of his luck, she can handle it. Probably. Maybe. She hopes.
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I'm pretty sure Don can handle a little more bad luck! He's going to hate me. If it seems like it might injure him badly or kill him, though, definitely shoot me a PM or something first!
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This should go without saying but it occurs to me that I should fill this out! Please feel free to (attempt) to have Komaeda's luck affect Hinata. Maybe we'll end up with another shoujo-style luck battle after the update it would be fun.